Allow link to be clickable when using embed links from Figma to Behance

Allowing to embed links in Behance is helpful but it would be great if it’s taken to the next level.

Currently, once you embed a link on Behance, you can scroll down and view the design, even clicking prototype works like a charm. One issue I’ve faced is in embed view the prototype doesn’t allow clicks that take the person outside of Figma. I created a case study in which I added links to my research captured in Google Docs thinking it would take the user there if clicked but anything that takes the user out of the Figma link doesn’t work. If we can fix this it would be great as we won’t have to add images on Behance and my case study could become more lively and easily managable.


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Hey Aaqil, I am able to link a Google doc. Would you be able to share a screen recording with us?

Hi there! I’m experiencing the same issue as Aaqil. I’ve designed and built my portfolio in Figma, and I’ve embedded it on Behance to be easily seen by recruiters. But every single link I added, that leads to an external source, is unresponsive. They are seen as clickable, but nothing happens when you click on them.
It would be great if you could fix this, making Figma even more awesome than it already is :raised_hands:t4:

Hey Frank, thank you for your feedback! Is this happening only when you embed your Figma file to Behance? Have you tested these link before embedding there?

Hi there! I’m facing the same issue as Aaqil and Frank. All my links to external sources work in the Figma prototype. Nevertheless, If I embed them on Behance they’re seen as responsive and interactive, but nothing happens on click. :disappointed:

Hi Gayani.
Sure, sharing the video attachment here for reference.
The video shows the click of the Google Doc link from Figma’s Prototype space vs the Embedded link used on Behance.

Let me know if this helps.

Hey @Aaqil_Jamal, thanks a lot for sharing this screen recording with me! I understand now your frustration. Let me share this internally and see if there are any solutions for this. I’ll give you an update once I receive a response. Appreciate your patience!

Hey everyone, apologies for the delayed response!

Can you confirm if you’ve embedded a link directly to a specific frame or if you’ve linked it to the overall file?

Also, please confirm that you’re embedding URLs that look like and not like

Thank you in advance!

Hi was there a resolution to this issue? I am facing the same problem. the link (in a frame) opens from Figma, but not from behance.