Allow hiding an update from the Ready for Dev changelog

We really like the changelog displayed on the Ready for Dev page. It’s a great place for our developers to track changes we’re making to designs, and the ability to add notes helps a lot.

There is one pain point that makes it frustrating to use. Any change we make to a section changes the Ready for Dev status to a yellow pending status.

Sometimes these changes are just layer reordering or renaming for improving visual presentation, with no affect to the actual component(s) that developers or others designers need to be made aware of.

When we complete the “Done with changes” step, it adds a new activity at the top of the changelog and causes confusion with developers who are asking what was changed. This also pushes the changes that we do want developers to know about down the changelog.

Please introduce a way to either:

  • Return to the green “Ready for Dev” status without it creating a changelog activity
  • Hide specific activities from the changelog

Our current workaround is to put a note on these kind of changes, but it adds unnecessary complexity to our process and doesn’t resolve the issue of having unimportant updates within our changelog.