Allow FigJam code block to be used in Figma files

I like to leave CSS snippets in my design files for developers to reference.
The code block in FigJam works really well but it’s not possible to use it in Figma design files which I find very annoying.


Now you can : I tested :wink:

Just tested. I’m on the latest version of Figma desktop app and it didn’t work - I get exactly the same error message as before

Weird in my case it worked, only new section blocks cannot be copied (in the past I did get the same message as you). I’m on Windows 10 Desktop.

maybe try on a brand new figma design file.

Wow you’re right it’s still not possible but I inadvently found a way to do so as I was playing with new section : put code blocks within a section and paste the whole it will then work :joy:


You’re right - putting it in a section made it work for me. Very strange.

They seem to be working perfectly well in Figma design. I wonder if there is some reason why they disallow pasting into Figma design files? Absolutely love specifying code for developers implementing designs rather than having them only rely on inspect


Well it’s 2 different environments they may not have time to garantee that it works well in both. Remark that section labels for example are NOT copied (tips: they’re copied though if you export).

Even though the latest Figma updated made it so we can now use widgets in Figma design files, it doesn’t include code blocks :frowning:

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