Allow comments to be "linked" together

Would love the ability to link, or connect, comments to one another.

Example use-case:
Often, when reviewing my peers’ work, I’ll find an issue that appears on several (or possible even all) screens within a given page in their file. Usually it’s self-explanatory to apply the comment/feedback in one place to all other instances of the same issue but that’s not always the case.
Or the repeating offense may appear on Screen 1 but not again until Screen 47 so it may not be as easy to associate the issues as being the same thing.

Current workaround:
There is the ability to copy a comment’s link and paste that into other comments, thus linking them. This works ok but often it’s a pain to have to go and find the initial comment I’d like to link to.

Linking comments together would create “threads” or “groups” of related comments, therefore making it easier to duplicate/repeat feedback.
Another feature of this could be to add visual cues for linked comments. For example, when viewing a comment that is linked to another, there could be something akin to prototype noodles leading me to the connections.
It’d also be natural to see, somewhere within the comment bubble, a count of how many “connections” the comment has.

Thanks for the feedback, @Giblette_Ethan_M !

We’ll pass this onto the team for consideration.

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