Allow bulk actions on primitives & variables

It would be nice to be able to perform bulk select and bulk actions on the new Primitives and Local variables. For instance, right now I am just playing around with the variables and experimenting with color and spacing variables but I don’t yet want them to show up in my design library. It would be great to have a single action to bulk hide all of my variables from publishing. Right now I have to click on the little settings icon and check/uncheck this box on every. single. variable. If not bulk select, another acceptable alternative would be allowing me to set the visibility control on the parent folder and having it apply to anything inside of the folder.


This is absolutely needed. Took me ages to set it for primitives.

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Is there any plugin that can do that?

I need to set around 2000 variables “Hide from publishing” checkbox and it is really very annoying that you have to right click everyone of them and then check the checkbox.


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