Allow break lines in string variables

I’m trying to localize an app using the new variables feature but it looks like I can’t add break lines to the string.
For titles, especially in some languages like Japanese where there are no spaces, it is totally necessary.

Is this planned for the near future?


I would also love this feature, I’m trying to error messages in multiple languages and we really need line breaks!


Agree, I would love this feature, too. This is critical for marketing-related materials in character-based languages such as Chinese and Japanese. Otherwise, some key phrases might be wrapped accidentally into two lines and cause confusion when reading.

There is a workaround this issue. Before pasting text into variable input, put it aside as plain text, make a break line with shift + enter shortcut, then copy and paste this text to the variable input


Thank you Borys for the tip! It works great!!

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The approach from @Borys_Sviet did not cover the paragraph spacing. What I’m trying is to handle paragraphs in multi-language using variables, so sometimes I need to break lines and add a paragraph space to them.

Doing two line breaks (eg; old skool HTML where we did

) seems to work and give a simulated paragraph break. You’d do SHIFT-Enter twice.

Yes indeed @Jason_Thompson, but it doesn’t work with paragraph spacing properties. doesn’t it?

This workaround didn’t work for me. It ended up looking like this and failing to insert the line breaks.

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Inserting a UNICODE paragraph Separator (U+2029) into the variable string works here:

  • Figma desktop app: 116.15.15
  • macOS 14.5

Apple’s IDE, Xcode, handles this well in its Strings catalogs using an alt-return. A multiline browser would be a nice touch too.

The interface looks like this:

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This works, but the result is different to a real paragraph spacing.
And I hate Figma for stupid work arounds like this :exploding_head:

Indeed, we need a real thing than an approach look-a-like