Allow arbitrary/dynamic number of nested instances

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I have components that might include a number of instances of another component, e.g., rows or columns in a table, options in a select/dropdown, etc. To accomplish this, I have to either create a separate variant for each potential number of nested instances, or create the component with the maximum possible number of nested instances and make the instances hide-able. Neither is optimal—the first could lead to a crazy number of variants, and the second could result in a large number of hidden layers, which hits performance pretty hard.

It would be great to be able to specify a component instance to be nested in a “parent” component then allow an arbitrary number of the nested “child” instances in instances of the parent component.


This would be an amazing, and incredibly useful feature. The example given in the previous discussion relays it pretty nicely. Would love to see this happen.


There is a need for this. Please make this a reality @figma

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I would love to see a feature like this! Creating booleans to hide/show items in a list is very clunky :frowning:

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