Alignment Issue with Auto Layout in Figma

I’m encountering a problem with Auto Layout in Figma and could use some guidance. Here’s the scenario:

I have a frame with multiple elements inside it, all set to Auto Layout vertically. Each element has varying content lengths, and I want them to align to the left edge of the frame while maintaining consistent spacing between them.

However, when the content lengths differ, Figma seems to adjust the alignment, causing elements to appear misaligned. I’ve tried adjusting padding, spacing, and even experimented with nested frames, but I can’t seem to achieve the desired consistent alignment.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue with Auto Layout in Figma? Any suggestions on how to achieve consistent alignment regardless of content length would be greatly appreciated!

To achieve consistent alignment in Figma with varying content lengths, follow these steps:

  1. Create a parent frame: Start by creating a parent frame that will contain all the elements with varying content lengths.

  2. Set Auto Layout direction: Ensure that the Auto Layout direction is set to “Vertical” in the parent frame.

  3. Adjust alignment settings: Set the alignment of the child elements within the parent frame to “Left” and “Top.”

  4. Set consistent spacing: Define the spacing between elements in the Auto Layout settings. This will ensure that the space between elements remains consistent, regardless of their content lengths.

  5. Use fixed widths: Assign a fixed width to your child elements to maintain a consistent left alignment. The height can be set to “Hug contents” to accommodate varying content lengths.