Align text to baseline of the bottom line of text that wraps

Is it possible to align two frames of text to the baseline, but of the bottomline of text that wraps instead of the top line?
On the image attached, I wish to align the “Quick brown fox…” to the baseline of the second line of text on the label.


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I would be very interested for a fix in the mean time the only thing that can be done is to use button align and add a leading (spacing) for the smaller font. Obviously does not work with dynamic font sizes :-/

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Thank you for your posts! Unfortunately, it seems Figma doesn’t currently offer a feature to align texts to the baseline of the bottom line in wrapped text. I’ve also looked for a plugin in the community but couldn’t find one that fits this need. It looks like your best bet might be manual alignment, or perhaps experimenting with the layout grid could help.

If you’d like, you have the option to submit a feature request. Just post it as a “Share an Idea” in the community forum!


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