Advanced text (copywriting) support

As we know…

Text is design

Therefore would it make sense to properly treat it as part of the design in Figma?
As a UI designer:

  • I would like to have text experts (tech writers, translators, marketing) work on my design directly. It is well known that it is difficult and sloppy to create text without seeing how it will look on the UI, without knowing the context or the space available.

  • I would like my team to switch the entire design to a different language. that would allow us to preview what texts have translations missing. That would also allow my respondent to test the prototype in their native language.

  • I would like the tool to assist us in cleaning up the text: consistency, duplicate detection, rules for checking things like case style, etc.

  • Will add more ideas as they come to mind! But above ones are huge winners already.

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