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Adjust auto-layout height for nested components

It would be cool if, when the height of the interactive component changed between states, that it adjusts the height of the auto-layout element it’s nested in. For example, accordion menus nested in an auto-layout page. Right now the interactive element changes but doesn’t adjust the layout so just opens behind other elements on the page.


Had exactly the same issue with accordions. This would really be helpful!

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This is a must! I spend 1/2 hour trying to get this to work and then realized it probably wasn’t consider in the Beta as of yet! :dizzy_face:

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Having the same issue too, we’re finding it would help with a lot of components. Is it in the pipeline?

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Yeah, the guys on the intro call the other day said it would be there for full release :pray:


Sounds like it’s on the way, but consider this another vote for this feature!

This should be merged with Support Auto Layout in Interactive Components - #21 by Toon, and we should all vote there for it :smiley: But yes, it’s going to be a thing (yay!)