Additional keyboard controls in variables window

Just started using variables, and the first issue I ran into was needing to double click into every name field to make the -100 to -900 color tokens for each different color.

Currently, the only way to do it is do it is manually double click into cell and type the name.

Would be really helpful if there were keyboard controls like up/down arrows to move between rows, Cmd+R to rename the name field, Cmd+D to duplicate selection, and tab to move horizontally between cells and wrap to new rows after the last columns.

I just realized that groups can be duplicated, though! So at least I can duplicate the color groups and then use the eyedropper to add them.

Hey @Joey_Pearlman,

Thanks for sharing your feedback and this idea on the forum!

I can confirm it is only possible to use the TAB key ↹ to move from one value field to another in your variable tables at the moment (from top-left to bottom-right) but this doesn’t include the name fields (only the values).

And I agree, that’s something that could be super helpful and there’s clearly room for improvement here. I have shared this idea with our Product team to give it more visibility :smiley:
At this point, I won’t be able to share an ETA nor guarantee this will be implemented but our engineers will definitely take it into consideration!


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