Adding a sidebar or window in which plug-ins remain permanently open

I miss in my work that I cannot open plugins permanently and that I cannot use several plugins at once. Every time I open a new plugin, the previous one closes.

I would like to have a feature that there is a window or a sidebar that permanently shows all the plugins I want to use (In open state, not as in the plugin overview), without having to open them separately.

Would love some feedback on that idea :v:


Even being able to “pin” favorite plugins and manage the order in which they appear would be helpful. I now have to open plugins, scan the list of recent plugins to see if what I want is there, and if not, click ‘Saved Plugins’ and find it in that list.
A couple more suggestions for plugin management:

  1. Make saving (or pinning) plugins easier. Right now, I have to go to the Community page. It would be nice to be able to right-click it in the recent list and have an option to save it.
  2. Allow custom shortcut keys for plugins.
  3. Allow organization into folders.

Great idea!

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Yes, having more ways for easier/quicker use of the plugins and manage/organise them would be great! :grin:


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