Add way to change opacity for color variables alias, fills, strokes, etc

This is the reason why we’re not switching to variables. I asked this question multiple times on various Figma webinars, but every time it was politely ignored :smiling_face_with_tear:

Would be great to hear from @jjcm if there is anything in development we could hope for.


I’ve also asked this question several times in webinars (e.g. last week’s) and all questions except mine have been answered… I don’t understand why and am beginning to believe in a conspiracy :smiley:

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We need this! the workaraound means that all of our Components need to be redesigned aswell… please Figma!

I ran into this issue during my first attempt at applying opacity on a drop shadow using a color token (fail). Then I tried to apply opacity to a style using the color token (fail). Last ditch effort was attempting to apply opacity on the color token itself (fail), which is how I found myself in this thread. It’s a bummer.

Crossing my fingers that this will be at Config

Having talked to a few Figma devs/community people about this, they are well aware of the ask (it has been one of the top asks for years).

I don’t understand how this doesn’t drive Figma devs themselves crazy when they use the tool, but for some reason it just hasn’t been a high priority for them.

Maybe we will see this at Config, but I highly doubt it.