Add 'Team Fonts' feature to the Pro Plan

The ‘Team Fonts’ feature provides a centralized font library, allowing team members to share and manage commonly used fonts. Through this feature, teams can ensure consistency across all design documents, while also making it easier for team members to find and use the fonts they need. For instance, fonts unique to Mac users can be uploaded to the ‘Team Fonts’ for sharing with Windows members. We believe this feature can further enhance Figma’s user experience, especially for teams with a substantial need for font resources. We look forward to Figma considering our proposal and are willing to provide further feedback and suggestions to help refine this feature.

This is already available on Organization and Enterprise plans.

Ouch! I saw. It was my expression that was wrong. terribly sorry. Actually I wanted to say provide this feature for the pro version.

Hey there, thanks for clarifying!

We edited your topic for clarification as well. We’ll pass this onto the team for consideration.