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Add support for telephone number links

I have found out that figma allows you to add links to text in the form of “”, which allows to add a link to email addresses. However, when I try to input a link in the form of “tel:1234567890” it fails and the “Invalid link” notification comes up. I believe that this is not the indeded behaviour of the feature and it should allow users to input any kind of urls, not just web and email urls.


Hard agree. For now though does anybody know of a plugin that can do this?

Come across the same issue and was hoping there’d be a simple solution… I’m formatting a CV in Figma (might be an usual choice I know, but want to practise using it!)

Managed to link the email easily with the standard ‘mailto:’ why won’t ‘tel:’ work?!

One can easily add links to web pages in text fields and they even export correctly to pdf (which is great). However, many of the Figma files I make to export to PDF include phone and text numbers. I would like to make these clickable links much like they are on webpages.

Currently in Figma, When I enter “tel:” or “sms:” as the protocol, it shows the message “Invalid link”. A lot of these PDFs are sent via email and are opened on mobile phones/Macs so it is a common practice for me to make phone numbers clickable.

Right now I have to use Acrobat :nauseated_face: to linkify the phone numbers, and the way Figma currently exports PDFs is not very Acrobat edit friendly.

It would be a great addition to Figma to allow using protocols in URLs other than just “http:”/“https:”/“mailto:”. And, though I might not a use them atm, I can see others wanting to use custom, specific protocols for apps.


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