Add support for semantic colors in Figma

It seems like using semantic colors in design systems are becoming the norm, but Figma does not have a good way of making a semantic color system. You kinda have to “hack” the current color system in Figma to get it to work.

I would really like for Figma to integrate support for semantic colors in some way. Well, in general I think that the color style feature in Figma could be improved. Like adding support for using styles in styles would definitely make it easier to create semantic colors.


Mind expanding? Not sure what you mean by semantic colours mate

Semantic colors define and name colors on how they are used, instead of their hue. Every semantic color is based on the core palette. This leads to less cognitive load when selecting colors, and ensures consistency of use across teams and between designers. It also makes picking colors easier and faster, as you can search for an element (like background or border), instead of looking for and remembering the respective color in a palette.

Here is a great article explaining semantic colors

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Well, we are on the same page here, but what do you mean saying that “Figma does not have a good way of making a semantic color system”? It is just a way to name colours, what is missing in your opinion?

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

If it was possible in Figma to actually reference the color style in the core palette it would be so much easier. For instance, if it was possible to use color styles in other color styles. That would help. Cause then you could use the core color style in a semantic color. When you make a new semantic color now it becomes a separate color style that is not actually connected to the core color palette.

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