Add status for design file pages

Similar to the current option to mark a section as ‘Ready for dev’, it would be great if we could easily mark sections or pages with changeable statuses, such as ‘WIP’, ‘In design’, ‘AB Testing’, etc., rather than manually applying emojis in the page name. This could be implemented into the ‘ready for dev’ dropdown menu on a section, and then the status is also indicated in the page name with an icon.
Additionally, it would be beneficial if these statuses were customizable to suit different companies’ needs.

Hey @Leanne_Wong, thanks for the feedback!

Just to be sure I understand correctly, you’re hoping for statuses specifically for the design side of things?

I only ask because the Dev mode team recently launched statuses as well. More info here:

With a bit more context, I’ll be sure to advocate on your behalf and pass this off to the best team for potential, future implementation. :slight_smile: