Add spell check to comments

Can we add a way to check spelling in comments? Maybe Grammarly integration?


I was surprised this got left off the spell check update to text boxes. Seems a no-brainer. I think I miss-type at least one word per sentence and having to rely on my brain to correct it, as opposed to right-clicking on almost every single other app I use… it makes it feel like something basic and essential is missing.


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I pay for Grammarly, but I can’t use it in Figma comments which is hugely painful. I can’t even use my OS spell-checking mechanism. Drives me crazy! I’ve got to manually go back and keep guessing what the correct spelling is.

Example of me miss-spelling “Testing” on purpose.
Screenshot 2023-04-18 at 2.18.38 PM

Thanks for the feedback, @Stevie_Johnston!

We’ve merged your topic with an existing feature request. We’ll continue to pass feedback onto the team and gauge interest with Votes. :ballot_box:

It’s so frustrating not being able to access Grammarly in the test field or any sort of spell check. I’m a designer at IBM, and I hear this a lot in the office. Just because you not getting complaints on this form doesn’t mean it’s not needed! The amount of hours I spend in the comment part of this tool, it would be such a pain relief to have spell check so I’m not having to copy the misspelled word, go to slack, paste it in, see the correct spelling, and then paste it back into the Figma comment. Drives me crazy. Happy to provide a screen recording or talk to anyone on the Figma team.

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comment filed** not test field

Please add this :slight_smile: Would love to have spell check in the comments! Thanks

With remote working we have a lot of people from different countries. We use Figma quiet often to correct UX writing. But everyone makes mistakes, even english native speaker. However you cannot right-click on a grammatical mistake in Chrome (on Mac), to get a contextual menu that shows a correct alternative.

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Currently, you cant get any grammar support in comments. It would be nice to right-click grammar corrections in words, too, as it works in text in canvas.

Here is an example of it


COme on fegma!

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Really could do with this function.

Please fix this! Really annoying!