Add outer frame to existing component

Hi! Did you find a workaround for that issue? I have exactly the same pain here

Hey @Juliana_Bravin! You responded to an old topic that is considered outdated (since things have changed). First, I’m going to break this off into a new topic and close the one replied on.

Can you drop more details on what you’re looking to achieve as well? Would be helpful to have more context on this.

I am looking for a similar solution. I have a component with multiple variants, but many of the color and text effects are applied to the parent frame of the component variant, but I would like to shift those effects and spacing to one hierarchal layer down.

I came here for the same reason, but was able to achieve what I wanted in a few steps (vs one), so figured I’d share.

In my case I had a component with a few variants that I wanted to wrap in additional frame.

To do this I:

  • Built a frame outside of my component, which I customizedcustomized as far as I could (autolayout, padding, etc)
  • Copied frame, then selected all variants of component, and pasted frame. (Note: If you plan to use “Fill” for the frame’s width or height, this is a good time to select that as this wasn’t an option until now and they’re still all selected.)
  • Then, I selected the stuff I wanted inside the frame in the first variant, and holding shift did a drag select on the rest of the variants to select the similar elements
  • With all the to-be-inside elements selected, I pulled up the layers panel, then dragged the selected items into the newly pasted wrapper frame. To my relief, Figma recognized that I wanted to perform the same relative action to all selected items and nested them within their respective wrapping frames.

I hope this helps! I’m still a bit new to the software, so if anyone has a better way, please chime in.

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