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It would be very helpful for UX Researchers to organize their research on Figjam just like on Figma. Multiple pages would be very helpful for us doing research stuff to have a clear navigation on the steps in doing our research.



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Would be very useful to have pages for UX mapping, to avoid bogging down a single FigJam file w/ many maps for different use cases and contexts
Would be useful to be able to create new pages in a single FogJam file to situate more up to date maps in a less noisy context; out of date maps could be archived non destructively and comments would be retained in context

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I’d really like to be able to add pages into my FigJam documents, I often find myself wanting to create multiple boards/focus areas within the same topic, and find it getting cluttered easily when only using sections, and having to create separate documents!

Yes, indeed.

I often have multiple brainstorming sessions and I don’t want to create a different FigJam board for every session, and also not overlap everything on a single board.

Also helpful to keep ideas, workflows, and draft sketches on individual pages instead of all cramped on a single board.

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Figjams are infinite whiteboards and, when exporting, they come out with a huge, single pdf.

Instead, I would like to organize my whiteboards into A4 pages, and then be able to export them as a pdf. Is it possible in some way?

Even not in A4 format, multipage pdf print is naturally implemented in Jamboard. This helps in sharing jams, for example, in remote teaching.

Thank you

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