Add download option for video(mp4) to export function

It was great when Figma added the option to use videos. But why didn’t they add the option to also download a video that’s in the Figma document.
I can only export it as a PNG, JPG, SVG or PDF…
Does anyone know if this is already possible in Figma or with a PlugIn(free-plugin😆)?


Yes! Would love better video integration. I work for a nonprofit and make all of our social media posts in Figma, I would love for the ability to add videos to my files and export them, similar to what Canva already does. Figma already lets you add videos to prototypes, this seems like an easy add.

Some (very) basic video editing tools would be useful too—like muting/clipping or looping a video

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Mute and loop video is already available in the prototype settings.

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@Gaetan_ME if you click the inspect tab and then click on the layer with the video background you can click on the filename and it will open in the URL where you can download the video :slight_smile:


Good find. Thanks!

I’m not seeing this option with the new inspect toggle. Only see that I can download as PNG or other image format.

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