Add Auto Layout Wrap from right to left

A ton of great features launched yesterday. One of them is Autolayout Wrap. It might be just me but I couldn’t find how to wrap from right to left. This seems weird as Figma did an amazing job of closing its long technological debt when it comes to RTL languages. Please tell me this gap has not been reopened again…


Agree! Why not add right to left, such an easy thing to do :confused:
please add right to left wrap!


As a global platform like Figma, it would be fantastic to have an auto layout wrap feature that supports RTL languages.


Please add RTL, don’t exclude non-European languages.


100% agree!
I spent way too much time looking around the auto layout feature, assuming Figma would have already thought about this use case.

In the mean time, my work around is to horizontally flip the frame and then do the same to the elements inside the frame. It’s a weird thing to have to do, but it works :confused:


+1 this is a great Idea. Hope they add it soon.


please add RTL option

Hey All,

Thanks for the feedback!

We’ve added your replies to a new feature request, so we can accurately gauge interest from the community.


I’m currently achieving this by applying horizontal flipping for both container and inner content.

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I also really need it


Workaround tip.
I flipped the autolayout frame horizontally by dragging left or right border. better be empty because the contents will be flipped too. So AFTER flipping, start inserting your contents and VOILA, it’s RTL.

There’s NOTHING that warns you that this is an RTL except behaviour. And that’s the glitch, that Figma should fix for us, that some indicator is showing whether this frame is now RTL or LTR.

The best you can do to solve that until they is to rename the layer as such RTL or LTR, every single time.


pls Add this feature

Thanks so much for the workaround, it works.

This would be great and I needed it a lot since I design mostly for RTL

Yes please add this feature as it is is really needed for RTL layouts

+1… Crucial for people who work with RTL languages

Ues please add it !

All arab designer will thank Figma if they add it :heart:

Def for this feature as well! Was caught off guard when I realised it wasn’t there already.

Hi there,
Wrapping works just fine when I design for LTR designs but when it comes to the RTL it messes everything up because it still behaves based on that the first item is to the left even if align it to the right (or the center). I hope you can update Figma soon with a solution to this issue ^^
Thanks in advance.