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Add "adjust content on resize" on/off

Much like sketch, sometimes I just don’t want anything to happen when resizing a Frame/art board. Usually this is a length issue and I just want to drag it down.

Sometimes the user doesn’t want to assign full responsiveness/layout to components/objects at the start.

Not having this can also be harmful to beginners who also have to go figure out all of auto layout/responsiveness. They don’t have the option to work/start without it.

This “adjust content on resize” functionality can be turned off in sketch, Just looking for the same.

It’s also a massive PITA, to go back have to check every object for size/resize because you didn’t even notice/forgot that you resized a few pixels, and now everything is off by 4.6 pixels for example.

The default behaviour should be OFF, as typically users will setup a page/component before getting into responsive/interaction. This way, there’s no accidental sizing issues as mentioned above. This happens in sketch still, because they have resizing ON as the default.

Thanks for the consideration.

To ignore constraints you can hold down the command key while resizing the frame.

Also consider that typically the user is going to setup the page for grid/columns etc… before setting responsiveness, as you’re probably going to play with the component/object. If one use consistent spacing horizontal/vertical (like you should be), then it absolutely can be a PITA to have ON as the default.

Sure, approach it differently, but don’t ignore what users actually do.

Thanks for the consideration

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That’s fair. :slight_smile: We think about frames/components a little differently at Figma (as compared to Sketch), so setting constraints from the start definitely takes some getting used to.

Appreciate the feedback though.