Add a "Wait (# milliseconds)" command in interactions

I searched but couldn’t find a request like this.

Now that you can queue up a bunch of commands in a single interaction, it would be nice if you could inject a pause in between executions.


On click

  • set variable showFrame to true
  • Wait 300ms
  • Set variable x to 5

Right now I’m achieving this through a hack. I have a “hotspot” component with two variants, and I do this:

On click (of variant 1 of the two-variant hotspot)

  • set variable showFrame to true
  • Change to variant 2 dissolve 300ms
  • Set variable x to 5

This works, but it would be cool if there were a more straightforward way.

Note if you need more than one “wait” in an interaction using this hack, add more states to the hotspot, as for whatever reason, changing back to variant 1 doesn’t work.