Adaptive Design System

My company has a Design System for almost all project, but there is a problem: each project has its own Primary (Accent) color palette.
As far as I know, it is impossible to reuse the published Design System using local styles (local colors). Am I missing any Figma feature or do I have to create local components for each individual project? In my case the components in the published library are interactive ones.
Is there any way to set the Primary color dynamically in the library, that will bind with destined project file?

You need:

  • One component library

  • Multiple color libraries with same style names

  • Use swap library feature in the design files to switch between color libraries while using the same set of components

Hmmm, in my case, after swapped, all variants of the component are in destined color, but when change variants in prototype, it uses the original color in the original component library:

I named colors in both libraries the same. I expected:

  • The color for interactive components are from the destined library (swapped)
  • New instance from original library, after swapped, will use the color in the destined library also

Looks like every time I add new instance from the component library, it uses the original color.

Ah, that’s really unfortunate. In this case I can only suggest using variable modes. I haven’t tested so not sure if they have the same issue or not but something tells me they shouldn’t have this issue. However you can only have 4 modes (4 themes), so that’s pretty limiting unfortunately.

I don’t have any other ideas. If you find a method that works for you, please share.