Activity Logs fig_file_view action details is nullable

I’m trying to process the Activity Logs REST API, and I’m hitting some problems with the fig_file_view event having a null details field, as opposed to a populated object, empty object, or object with a null “access” property.

The API hands out a mix of nulls and objects:

"action": { "type": "fig_file_view",  "details": null },
"action": { "type": "fig_file_view", "details": { "access": "edit" } },

Ideally, this would be an empty object, or an object with a null access field:

"action": { "type": "fig_file_view", "details": { "access": null } },
"action": { "type": "fig_file_view", "details": {} },
"action": { "type": "fig_file_view", "details": { "access": "edit" } },

I’m currently working around the issue by pre-processing the API response to replace the null with a {} before converting to concrete objects.