Action order: "Change to" blocks actions after it

The order of actions within a single interaction can have unexpected results.

I’ve created a component with a checkbox. When the checkbox is clicked, it changes to the “selected” variant and increases a counter of selected items.

The problem is the order of these actions.

  • If “Change to” is first, Figma changes the variant and forgets the actions that were after it.
  • If “Change to” is last, Figma runs all actions as expected.

This was not obvious to me and I lost a few hours trying to find the issue.

My suggestion is to either:

  • Make these two approaches work the same, or
  • Mark the unreachable actions with :warning: icon (like it’s done on the Prototype panel when you have Hover and Click on the same element - Click is marked with :warning: because it won’t fire).