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Accessibility testing on Figma prototypes

My team are looking to test more people with accessibility needs.

One case may be needing to test a prototype with someone who uses a screen reader, would a screen reader read a prototype?

If not, how have others tested accessibility using figma?


I have just tried to test a prototype of a web solution on figma with a visually impaired person. I tried to read the prototype through, but it did not really work. I back up the question of Owen: Is there any way to have a screen reader in figma prototypes when we test our prototypes with visually impaired participants of user testing?


I am trying to run select to speak accessibility option on my prototype but none of the content is getting read. It just says ‘No text in that location’.
I want to know how to enable screen readability.

Any word on this? We have a dev team QA that is vision impaired and we need to pass designs to him. We have tried PDFs but that isn’t working. When is figma going to make the prototype mode able to work with a screen reader?

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