Absolute position and effects


Unless I am misunderstanding something, I do not understand why the effect is applied on the element in absolute position.

For exemple, I have a tooltip - in absolute position - displayed while hovering an icon in a table cell, and this cell has an effect to draw the border bottom.
As you can see, the effect - the grey border - is also applied to the tooltip container when the tooltip exceeds the width of the cell.

Here, I could use a stroke instead of an effect but sometimes it is not possible.

Do you know why it is working like that? And do you have an idea on how to resolve this?

Thanks a lot!


Did you check the parent frame? Make sure you have the tooltip outside the cell container where you applied the effect.

Here is a video showing table cells with custom colors and tooltip text using just one component without variants. let me know if you want to see the file.

tooltip and table

Thank your for your reply @N.A.G.A , but unfortunately I can not have the tooltip outside the cell because of the construction of the icon component.

The only solution here for me is to use a stroke instead of an effect…

I ran into simmilar issues with dropdowns.

My fix is to use an overlay for the tooltip / select menu. That would be everlay, manual, no BG, position manual.

It also helps on prototypeing actions.

I feel that Figma playes nicer with this vs the absolute.