Ability to toggle visibility for styles and variables

Hi Everyone. There was already a topic about the fact that in Figma, when a style is used (color style for a fill, a stroke or a drop shadow even), it is not possible to quickly toggle the visibility anymore since the eve icon disappears and is replace by another icon (cf. GIF below). Here is the topic: Ability to toggle visibility of applied Style without removing it
:exclamation:I opened this new one because it also does not work when a color variable is applied. I think both options should be considered then.
This limitation is a bit frustrating. I would like to request a new feature that allows users to easily toggle the visibility of these styles and color variables. This feature would provide better control and flexibility in designing, making it more efficient and user-friendly. Please vote so Figma can consider implementing this feature to improve the overall Figma experience for designers :slight_smile:
Style and Variable


Hi Marion_Bigi, thanks for the feedback! We’ll pass this onto our team for consideration.

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