Ability to fully block users from interacting with my files/comments/profile

I would like to be able to maintain my privacy and safety by being able to block someone on Figma, with whom I have previously shared files with.

I wish it was as easy as searching for their name and then clicking block. I would expect the following to happen upon blocking

  • Permission for them to view or edit removed in all files
  • They should be unable to find my profile
  • I am removed from files they have shared in the past
  • They are unable to see my comments or at least tag me in comments

The most important thing is removing their access to files I have shared previously.
Maybe first version can be batch select files to change privacy settings to only those invited?

Hey @Nic1 - these improvements make sense to me when we’re talking about users outside of your org that were at some point invited to edit a file that you own.

Just to make sure – is that the correct assumption? Or would you also like to block other users within your organization?

We were part of an organisation together however what I am looking for is a way to block this person regardless of any organisation that I or they are a part of. These files are not within teams.