Ability to default Nested Properties in the Design Panel to Collapsed

Is there a way to collapse all nested properties in the design panel by default? I’m working on a substantial card component with several layers of nested properties. By showing all of the props as expanded, it is very difficult for a less experienced user to explore what the component can do in ‘bite sized’ chunks.

If not, this would be a super useful development!


I agree!
Did you get any clarity on this?

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No, I haven’t heard anything back yet.

There’s no option for this, but it would sure be useful! Or at least a way to option+click to expand/collapse them all at once. Have you opened a feature request?

I’ve changed the category for this thread to “Share an Idea”. I’ve tried to research a better way to communicate this as a feature request, but couldn’t find conclusive directions. Is there a better way to open a feature request (other than simply changing the category)?

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