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A way to export/import styles (text + colors)

I’m working in an agency developing (among other things) design systems for our clients. Recently we ran into an issue while transferring a design system project we had started, to the client’s organization. Without going to too much detail (we are solving the issue with Figma support) a lot of headache could have been avoided, if styles would be as easy to transfer between files, as components.

At least to my understanding, there currently isn’t a way to transfer/copy&paste a style from a Figma file to another (w/o plugins at least).

Am I the only one missing a native feature in Figma to achieve this? Also, handling multiple style values and descriptions at once would be fantastic! This is possible with plugins atm. But I think it would be welcome feature to have better style management natively in Figma.


Hi, same problem here. Could you please share the plugins that allow that? That would be awesome!

In addition, is it possible to share/subscribe to libraries across different organizations?

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Did you try Styler?

You can use Extract Styles to get all the styles as layers, then copy / paste into the new project, then use Generate Styles to create styles from layers. There are some limitations with the text layers.


I’m looking for this same feature. Have one file where you can setup all you typography and text styles as a base. Then when starting new projects you can copy that page over keeping the styles and then you can adjust them. It’s different than using the team styles library.


Duplicate file?

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Excellent point @Andrei_Iancu ! However, this is not always a solution and a fix for this issue, even thought would (perhaps) solve the issue in @Yianni_Mathioudakis 's situation, that he described above.

Not everyone has their design system set up as he describes. Some have styles + components all in one file. I do still think there is a need for this feature.

I believe that I understand. :thinking:

So mainly you would like to have a base, then to make themes for that base?
A project similar to component and instances, but for the entire library. :face_with_monocle:

Could you describe a flow for this feature? Asking because i cannot see the solution fully. :sweat_smile:

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@Andrei_Iancu I’m guessing ‘duplicate’ file would work if I started from that file. But let me clarify my current situation some more if this helps.

I’m working on multiple website design projects.

Project A - is designed, but now I’m ready to clean up the system, define the text styles, and apply them throughout.

Project B - is a style guide framework which is has pre-defined text styles.

I’d like to copy the Project B style guide frame into Project A, so all the text styles are defined and setup. These styles don’t match Project A, but now all I have to do is update the font/treatment, and now it’ll be ready to go with shared styles.

For me, I’m trying to save the time of having to re-set all the h1-h6 and body styles for each project and rather edit them instead.

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Thanks for bringing up this topic. Not only would our team like the ability to export/import styles I think Figma should make it easier to export and import project files including components that stay attached. Last week Sho asked the Twitter community what do you wish Figma had and what do you wish it didn’t do. Here my post on this topic -

We put a lot of work into building components and we include theming styles in our components to be able to support things like both light mode and dark mode. Of course, we want to be able to reuse as much of our hard work from project to project. If we do work in our customer’s Figma account, we can’t export the component library and or styles and import them into a new account without the connections to the styles and connection to components (i.e. reusing things like templates) breaking.

The same would be true for any designer who would like to back up their work into a personal figma account for portfolio purposes.

All the components and styles break even if you try to rebuild your backed up .fig files exactly like the original environment, including even setting up the same project names Everything results in extremely frustrating 404 errors. @Gleb made a super helpful plugin that helps reattach components but even this is still a per component experience that just is a total time waste. I am a HUGE fan of Figma but this one Figma problem is by far my least favorite thing about Figma and something that I have never seen with other design tools.


Is this what are you talking about?

I doesn’t see a way to link a layer without style to a style especially if the properties of the new style doesn’t match the properties of targeted layer. Maybe AI, someday… :sweat_smile:

Here is something for the colors:
Match fills to local styles

Also there are some issues I discovered while I recorded the video above, and I’ll fix these in the next update of the Styler.

Is it possible to share the same component library but with different themes across different projects?

This is Awsome! This plugin perfectly solved my problem!

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