A scrolling problem

i am kinda new to figma and i am facing a problem with making the content scroll.
one of the pages can scroll and the copy of it cant even i am not sure why. and when i click on [present button] to see it i sometimes do not load or show the changes i did, i sometimes need to close it and open it again …

can anyone help me with this ???

Hi. Scrolling and frames can be a little bit confusing in the beginning, but soon you’ll be a pro. Here’s two videos I made on scrolling-At first I used to hack it until I learned better about frames–
Here’s the latest version of understanding (re: having scrolling selections in a selector)

Here’s how I used to Hack it:

Long story short- if you want the whole page to scroll- set the frame to scroll vertically (I’m assuming vertically) under the prototype tab. Then you can select each element that you do not want to scroll on that page and under the design tab-- check the box for “Fix position when scrolling”. If you want only a portion of the page to scroll or are doing a selector and have scrolling content within it–Throw whatever you want to scroll into a frame and set just that frame to scroll vertically (under the prototype tab)

Best tips (IMHO):

  1. To resize frames hold down the CMD key while dragging the borders (That’s for a MAC…ALT for Windows)
    2.The Figma YouTUBE Channel videos are great- Here’s one on device frames and scrolling Figma Tutorial: Device Frames and Scrolling - YouTube
  2. Here’s a Figma video on resizing frames: Resizing frames in Figma Design - YouTube

Good luck!


thank you :blush: