A problem with shapes, they are not visible

Hi everyone!
I have a problem, the shapes I create are not visible. I tried to copy them, move them in different ways. Nothing helps. Please tell me what should I do and what could be the reason?

Are you sure they are not behind you subject?

Hit ] when selected and they come in front

I hope this is your problem, If not share the link for us to see it.

Hello! Yes, I’m 100% sure of that. I have more screenshots, where you can see that the figure is not displayed, and not be under another object. But I can’t attach more than 1 file

This rectangle here should be purple, but it’s not visible.

I tried to restart the application, the problem is in this file, in others everything works fine

Select layer Click on the color and make sure No fill is not selected, Stroke as well

If the problem remains, then it’s a bug or you have a corrupted plugin cause this mess

Screenshot 2022-11-07 105847

No, I checked everything, apparently everything really broke in this file.

I guessed to just copy all the contents of this file into a new one, and everything was transferred! Everything works fine in the new file.

Thanks for the reply, I’m glad you wanted to help!

Problems with the shapes 3

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Your Welcome

I’m glad you found a solution

It’s strange, If possible keep the file and Email @Figma_Support to check it for you.

Maybe its a Bug and need the teams Attention

The support team answers within few days and they are very helpful.

Okay, I’ll send a link to the corrupted file to support, it might be a really interesting situation.
Thanks again for your help!