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Zoom using pen tablet


I had a lovely interaction with the Figma Twitter team and they suggested that I post my thoughts here.

I really like to use my pen tablet when working in Figma but there is currently no way to replicate ‘scroll zoom’ functionality as the tablet doesn’t have any touch panel or scroll wheel for this.

I would love it if Figma included the ability to hold a key+middlemouse to trigger scroll zoom (similar to panning). It would also be great if there was a zoom slider included in the app.


  1. I renamed the topic to make it more clear.

  2. I use wacom tablet and I set scroll/pan to one of the pen buttons. Then I simply drag while holding this button and Cmd/Ctrl to scroll.

Thanks Gleb,

I’ve tried to replicate this but I had no luck getting the scroll zoom to trigger on ‘ctrl’ press.

I’m on a Huion tablet and not a Wacom, so perhaps they handle these things differently. I’ll keep trying to solve the puzzle!

A zoom slider in the Figma UI would still be nice though. :wink:

There is no “scroll zoom” trigger, these are two separate things. First you need to get your tablet to scroll somehow (in my case I did it with scroll/pan while holding one button + dragging):

Wacom preferences Pan/Scroll action on button

Then you need to change scroll to zoom by holding ctrl/cmd in Figma. Hope this makes sense.

This is great if you use a Wacom but not everyone does. Pan/Scroll is not a universal config option for tablets.

If you are on Windows, this might be useful as a workaround: