Zoom to fit: Frame only

Is it possible that I’m the only person that would like a Zoom to Fit option for a single frame/artboard, rather than the entire page and all assets on it? How do other people do it?

Maybe you are interested in the “Zoom to selection” function? Select the desired element on the canvas or in the layers panel and press Shift + 2.


I would love that, but it seems that Shift + 2 makes the frame go to Opacity 20%. Command + 2 goes to the second tab. I’m on a Mac.

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Check the shortcut in the Figma menu ⟩ View ⟩ Zoom to fit. Perhaps you still need to enable or disable the “Keyboard zooms into selection” item in Menu ⟩ Preferences.

I found it in View but I couldn’t get the @ keyboard shortcut to work. However, I did the “Keyboard zooms into selection” trick and now simply pressing 2 zooms to fit! Good enough, thank you!


Why sometimes the “Shift+2” works for the opacity, and some other times it works for the zoom level?

I have my figma at work working differently from my figma at home. Where do I find the options to set the same keyboard shortcut?

great answer!!!