Zoom in on current location w/ ctrl-+

For instance, when I am zoomed-out in Figjam, and I decide to start typing text into a sticky, and I want to be able to read what I’m writing. If I try to zoom with keyboard shortcut, it defaults to zoom in from the center of the screen, not the sticky. The purpose of the shortcut is defeated because I then have to re-center the screen using my mouse.

I’m not sure if the shortcut is the same on figjam as it is on figma but ⇧ shift + 2 will full zoom in on the selected element

Edit: I tried this and once you’re in text edit mode ⇧ shift + 2 will just create an @ symbol so you would need to press it before entering text edit mode

Thank you for that tip. While it’s an extra step, I may be able to get away with using this shortcut after pressing Esc first, to exit text edit mode. My hope is to simply avoid mousing while trying to type out a thought in a note.

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