Your API changes broke all my plugins

Thanks Figma - all my Plugins won’t work anymore since your latest API changes…

I was able to change fillStyleIds and texStyleIds when activating the libraries with the styles manually via the UI.
Now, even tho the libraries are “added” to the file, I’m getting the error messages “couldn’t find style…”. I have to manually select the textStyle from the text menue even tho it is already added to the library and selected. Only then the style will get “migrated” and the plugin wont fire an error msg with “couldn’t find style”.

Gonna cry myself to sleep.

This sounds like a bug, not an intentional change. I would advise you to report this bug with all the details about what exactly is happening (the current description seems very vague) and how to reproduce the issues you are having. You can submit a bug report either on the Figma Discord or via general support request form in Figma.