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"You have unsaved changes" dialogue showing in one of my projects

Hello :wave:
One of my projects keeps showing this You have unsaved changes dialogue (As if I were offline).
I can open and sync any other project but for some reason, when I want to close this project, the dialogue keeps showing up.
I’m using the desktop app and when I make changes, they do reflect in the webapp. So not sure what’s going on.

Anyone knows how to fix this?

Just close it and reopen. Since you can verify the changes are saving, you won’t lose anything. Probably just a glitch.

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Hey Bernado :wave:t2: Gleb’s advice here is spot on! Syncing offline changes is covered in detail in ‘Can I work offline with Figma?’ and if your work is updated in the Browser, you should be all good to restart the Desktop App to clear that warning.
If you continue to see this warning after restarting the Desktop App, or in both the Desktop App and Browser, you can flag it with the Support Team by using the ‘?’ to ‘Get help’ and we’ll be happy to troubleshoot with you.

I have the same issue and closing it and reopening it does not work. The same issue comes up. And on desktop it prevents the project from loading. On browser it opens but the notification is still there.

HI @tim_trevathan :wave:t2: Can you send these details and a Developer Tool Console.log for both the Desktop App and Browser through to the Support Team by using the ‘?’ to ‘Get help’ and we’ll take a closer look?

Any specifics you can send through like which browser you’re using, if this happens on another network (like a mobile hotspot) and if this affects only certain files or all of your files, will help us to troubleshoot and resolve the issue with you as quickly as possible. Thanks!

Same problems right now. In 2019, I faced the same problem, it lasted about a month, then everything went fine. I asked Figma support about this problem, recorded screencasts, sent screenshots, checked the provider’s ping, checked my hardware, and so on. As a result, no one could give an answer, support advised to install a VPN. And the most interesting thing is that there are no problems with saving via VPN. So I worked for a month, and then without a VPN, everything fell into place. I am 100% sure that this problem is on the Figma side. Problems with autosave are present only in the CIS countries. I asked people who work in the United States, there was nothing like this, everything works perfectly. It is clear that the dudes from Figma do not care about the Russian market, but I pay for a working tool, why the hell should I suffer, just because I am in the wrong country? This is really a spit in the face of users from the CIS and 100% they are not going to do anything about it. Wait a month, two months, endlessly. Or try using a VPN to work in Figma.

Was having the same problem today with the desktop app. I opened the browser to confirm that changes were syncing and they were. I was able to quit and restart the app with no data loss.

I’ve been having this same problem for months now in the browser-based version of Figma. Got burned by it once when I reloaded my Figma design file only to find that all of my changes had been reverted, and none of them were visible in the file’s version history. Super frustrating.