Workspace Admin settings

Hello all,
It seems that anyone joining our enterprise Figma acount can choose ANY workspace option to join. There should be a way to lock a workspace and allow approval to join by the admins. We have confidential design work happening that shouldn’t be accessed by just ‘anyone’. Teams are locked down, but why not workspaces?? Please help.

Hi @marcy.kelley – at the moment, you can assign both teams and people to workspaces.

However, workspaces don’t have permissions of their own, so members can still view and browse other workspaces in the organization. I know that this is the problem you’re looking to have addressed, but I don’t have a solution on my end that I can offer.

If you’d like, I can get you in touch with someone on support that may be able to provide suggestions or solutions I’m not immediately aware of. If that works for you, let me know.