Windows 11 desktop app wont allow me to drag and drop images into figma design file


I am running into an issue where when i try to drag and drop images or svg into a figma file on the desktop app in windows 11 it wont allow me i have to use the insert image function from the tools tab.

is there any way to fix this?



I am also facing the same issue. Every time I have to use the File option to place the image.

This!! Started to happen with the last update couple days ago. Messed up my workflow big time. Is there any solution to this?

Repeatedly dragging a file, you will get the solution. Thank you

This is still happening. The workaround is File>Place image

I have the same problem

Same issue here but won’t work in browser figma either nor does place image work.

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Same issue on Windows 11. Drag & Drop images doesn’t work in desktop app.