Why is my typeface (Monument Grotesk) always offset?

I am using the typeface Monument Grotesk for my project and when I create a new text box it appears to be offset and I am not able to resize the text box properly.

Has it happened to anybody so far with this or other typefaces?

See screenshots :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!

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Adjust the Line-height on the property panel.

It won’t change, I think the typeface file is somehow read differently.

To make line height affect the text bounding box, the bounding box needs to be set to auto width or auto height.


I constantly have this issue as well (e.g. when using the Sofia Pro typeface). I’ve come to accept that some fonts are just erroneously offset and there isn’t much you can do about it. Would love some advice on this, adjusting line-height (while auto width/auto height is on) as suggested above does not center the type face.

I figuered it out! in the heigth line box. just type auto and it automatically changes back to auto. I have a huge brain. !!!