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Why frames are not shown in prototype view?

Hi, I can’t see some of my frames in prototype view. I have 8 frames, and I see only 1 (or sometimes 2) in prototype view. In the beginning it showed me all 8, but when I started adding interactions to my design, it stopped show me all the frames. It shows me only 1 or 2. Any idea why it happens?

When there are no connections, all frames on the page are shown, you can cycle between them using arrow keys or arrows at the bottom of the prototype view. But when you add connections, only frames connected to the starting frame are shown. Even if you add connections between two frames but there is no way to reach them from the starting frame, they will be unreachable in the prototype view.

Hi @Paulina :wave:

Once you create a connection in the prototype, the prototype only shows the frames that are connected.

Thanks a lot guys, now I understand :slight_smile: