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Why Can't I Publish Components to My Library?

I published a Design System library with all our color, layer and text styles. I then created a sandbox file to play around with component variants for the buttons since i’m a newbie. I copied the variants to my Design System file and it shows up in the components, however I’m unable to publish (it’s saying the file is published and up to date). Also to note it says “Enable libraries for all team files from your team settings”, not sure if that’s a reason for being unable to publish.

Thank you for your help in advance!

Latest update: I checked the ‘Design System’ team (houses all DS’s) and the library is enabled.
Screenshot below. Note the dot on the library (indicating changes to library file) yet it says published and up to date in the library publishing modal.

First of all, publishing components is a premium feature so make sure your file is in the Professional, Education or Organization team. If it is, there is a possibility that the components were removed from publishing, you can add them to publishing by right clicking in the left Assets panel and selecting “Add to library”.