Why can I only prototype the whole frame

I am making an online watch store which has the ability to scroll down and scroll horizontally to see all of watches listed on the website. I want to add a hover functionality where you can hover over a single watch and then see the price of that specific watch. However, when I try to prototype each specific watch the whole frame is getting selected. How can I prototype one watch to another watch without it trying to prototype the entire screen.

Hi Anthony30,
If I understand well what you intend to do, in order to hover a single watch to “see the price”:

  • you need first to create a new frame with the price you want to display
  • then, add the interaction between this new frame and the single watch “While overing > Open overlay”

Here’s a screenshot and a video recording to better visualise it:

For more information about Prototype actions, here’s our guide. I hope this helps!