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Why are there ghost components in the "Used in this file" tray?

Hi everyone,

Three components (icons) are listed in the Used in this file tray of the Asset panel of my file although the Main components they are connected to are in a page of the same file.

As a result, these 3 components appear in both Local components and Used in this file trays of the Assets panel. When I click on one of the icons in Used in this file tray, it brings me to the correct Main component. Hence why I call it “ghosts”.

Things I tried:

  • look for hidden layers
  • click on one of the ghost > Main component is automatically selected > use Instance finder plugin > double-check if the instances selected are linked to the right Main component
  • reset all overrides of all instances related to these 3 components
  • click on Add to library

Nothing worked. These three ghosts are still in Used in this file.

Has it happen to anyone else? Is there something I could be missing?

Thanks a lot in advance :v:

You might want to send your file to Figma support team via the support request form to take a look.

Hi Gleb,

I actually managed to fix the file but I have no idea how. Maybe the one of the last library syncs fixed the links somehow.

Thanks for your reply anyway :+1:

Hi, I also have the exact same issue ! Looking forward for any solutions to clean my library :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: