Which phones are "Android Large"?

We are looking to buy some test android phone for apps taking screenshots and demonstration for our studio that would have same screen as Android Large default canvas.

It resulted, that google shows nothing for phones with LOGICAL resolution 360x800 (logical resolution is calculated in units called “dp”. dp = (width in pixels * 160) / screen density). Modern phones have logical width like 408 - 434 pixels. And old phones strictly have logical resolution of 360x640.

So what can we buy to be the same screen as “Android Large” template?

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Any modern Android phone screen that is 20:9 will fit the bill. My top choices would be:

Google Pixel 6
Samsung Galaxy S21

Both phone screens are around 410 dpi, which put them nearest XXHDPI density (3x the baseline MDPI density).

Your dp calculations don’t need to be precise; you just need to figure out what general density the phones will fall in.

360 x 3 = 1080 screen width
800 x 3 = 2400 screen height

When designing in Figma for these phones, I would keep everything at 1x (MDPI) and export bitmap assets (although honestly in 2022, all assets should be SVG) at 3x.

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So you are saying there is no phone on the market with exactly these parameters?

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