Where is the "Change to" option on Prototype/Interactions?

Hi you all!

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I want to do an interaction between these two variants: when the mouse is hovering the button, it changes to the second one. But there isn’t a “Change to” option and I saw a lot of tutorials where this option exists. What am I doing wrong?

Hey @Cleon_Morais,

The “while hovering” option is only available to users on the interactive components beta. You can sign-up via the form here: Sign up for the interactive components beta

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Thank you a lot! About the beta, does it take a long time to be accepted?

You’re welcome, @Cleon_Morais!

The team adds new users in batches every 3-5 business days. If it takes any longer than that, feel free to let us know here:

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@dvaliao I have the option but it’s not active.


Hey @udobenliedivana,

I tested this on one of my personal files, and my “Change to” only becomes available when I have at least two component variants, after selecting an initial state such as “While hovering” or “While pressing”. Then, I can add/select the “Change to” state.

If that doesn’t work, please double check that interactive components is turned on for your file via the article here.

And if that still doesn’t work, are you able to share your file, so we can take a closer look?

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Hi @dvaliao, I didn’t receive the beta yet. What can I do?

Hey @Cleon_Morais,

It looks like you’ve been recently added. You can learn how to turn it on for your file here .

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I have been waiting for a week and I haven’t received the email.

@dvaliao I have been waiting for a week and I haven’t received the email.What should I do?

Hey @hao3,

It looks like you already have access. Here’s a help article to show you how to turn it on for your file.

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